SQL Server

Many companies don’t need a full-time Database Administrator, and assign database projects and tasks to internal IT professionals from other areas of expertise, which can cause performance and security problems down the road, and inadequately consuming their time and effort. LusiTechs’ certified SQL Server consultants, with a considerable experience in the European market, are ready to make your databases go faster, safer and more reliable.

  • Installation & Configuration of SQL Server 2012/14/16/17
  • SQL Server upgrade from 2005/8 to 2012/14/14/16/17
  • Standardization of your SQL database state / Azure SQL DBs
  • Performance Tuning
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Migration to the Azure SQL platform
  • Data Integration, Purge & Archiving

Specially tailored to Software Development teams and companies, LusiTech provides a consultancy service “Remote DBA“. With this service, your team will have the best support from a SQL Server consultant to optimize the interaction of your applications with the Data tier, improving the performance and scalability of your application, and giving your team more time for the development and support phases.

Since we only intervene when required, hiring LusiTechs’ services can also reduce your projects’ cost, and will give you a better control over the hours or days we are involved in your project.

Business Intelligence

In the competitive and dynamic world we live in, it’s important to always be one step ahead of the competition. And more than ever, the way we analyse the data we store is essential to make the best decisions and to distinguish our companies within our business area.

The Business Intelligence tools come in hand to show that information from different points of view, for the different areas within the business. The way the information is made available to users and decision makers can’t be generalized – It needs to be tailored for your business. LusiTech has experienced and certified Business Intelligence consultants to help design the best BI tool that best fits your business. 

Business Intelligence projects can be time-consuming and costly. As such, it is important that our consultants are fully involved during all phases of the project, so that the information produced is exactly what’s intended.
Our BI projects have the following high-level phases:

  • Initial requirements assessment
  • Implementation steps sign-off
  • Development of the DataWarehouse builds
  • Reports design
  • Report subscriptions and automatic delivery
  • Constant re-evaluation of the value generated by the information provided

The daily refresh of the DataWarehouse must be closely monitored to detect eventual problems with the information processed, and to ensure the service availability and the quality of the data available to the final users.
LusiTech offers a 24/7 monitoring service for your DataWarehouse. Click here for more information.


Especially tailored for Small and medium-sized companies that don’t require permanent IT staff, LusiTech offers an Infrastructure consultancy service, for both on-premise and in the cloud, to keep your business ahead of the competition.
At an early stage, our team of consultants will assess your current IT needs and your medium / long term growth plans. From there, we’ll build an infrastructure plan that suits your companies’ needs, to take full advantage of information technologies, saving time and resources with manual and repetitive processes.

  • Installation and Configuration of Servers
  • Management of the network and storage layers
  • Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V or VmWare
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Automation of manual and repetitive processes
  • Information Security