SQL Server

Many companies don’t need a full-time Database Administrator, and therefore those databases will not have the professional maintenance required to perform at its best efficiency.

That’s where LusiTech can help. After an initial intervention to ensure your databases are as efficient and safe as possible, we’ll design a maintenance plan to make your databases work at their optimum performance.

​That includes a 24/7 proactive monitoring for performance and security, so we’ll be aware of any problems even before the users notice, or more serious integration problems occur.

Business Intelligence

Once your company have implemented a Business Intelligence solution, if that’s left without proper maintenance, errors with the information processed may occur, compromising the availability of the service and the quality of the information provided to the final users.

LusiTech offers a 24/7 proactive service to monitor your DataWarehouse refresh process, that allows us to intervene and resolve problems out of business hours, and therefore ensure full service availability.

​Since your business is in constant evolution, your needs to consume information will change and increase. Therefore, LusiTech offers a complimentary service to create new reports for your existing BI platform to accommodate your new business reality.


Specially tailored to small and medium-sized businesses where the hire of permanent IT staff is not justified, LusiTech provides an Infrastructure Maintenance service, for both on-premise and in the Cloud, so that your business doesn’t stop.

After an initial intervention to ensure your IT state is as efficient and safe as possible, our 24/7 proactive service will monitor and maintain your network, servers and routines to give you the best support while you drive your business forward.