Often the official training, besides long and expensive, focuses all the content of the technology in question, ending up not to deepen the specific theme that the professional is after, in order to solve real problems of your company. This can create frustration in the IT professional by failing to achieve its goal, and leads to inadequate investments of your company.

LusiTech’s experience in the IT market has helped us to develop training packages specially designed for the needs of your IT department. The return on your investment will be greater if you solve real-life problems for your company, and the time your IT professionals spend in training will be fully used for what really matters: Your business.

SQL Server:

  • Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2012/14/16/17;
  • Upgrade SQL Server 2005 / 2008 to 2012/14/16/17;
  • Performance Tuning;
  • T-SQL;
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS);
  • High-Availability & Disaster Recovery.

Business Intelligence:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS);
  • Business Intelligence (Includes Basic Principals + SSIS + SSRS + PowerBI);
  • SSRS reports for final users.

Infrastructure and Cloud Adoption:

  • Hyper-V;
  • Migration to and from Azure SQL Databases;
  • Azure General & VMs.

The training sessions are provided in dedicated virtual environments, thus increasing the productivity and security of the session. So, your company’s equipment and information are not compromised, and your team will be able to focus entirely on the subject.

If you don’t find a package that fits your needs, either in duration or in the content, contact us. Within our areas of expertise, we can create an even more personalised training for your company.