LusiTech is a UK based consultancy company from Glasgow, Scotland, who specializes in SQL Server Databases and Business Intelligence solutions.

Most consultancy companies focus in Software development, Networking or Infrastructure, leaving aside an area as important as the performance, security and resilience of Databases. At the end of the day, Applications, Networks and Servers exist to manipulate and store data, an essential asset of all companies. LusiTechs’ approach is exactly to fill that gap, with professionals specialized in Databases and Business Intelligence tools.

Companies who don’t require a full-time SQL Server or BI specialist, can now have access to experienced and certified professionals to work in specific projects, to give maintenance to their Database Servers, and increase the knowledge of their employees with training sessions tailored to their needs.

Many companies try to resolve problems such as “The system is slow” by replacing hardware or increasing its capacity, but most probably the bottleneck is an non-optimised database. In some cases, from a Software licencing and Hardware point-of-view, optimising a database instead of replacing the server can mean huge savings, as well as a much lower impact to your business.

LusiTech provides Consulting Services, Maintenance Plans and Technical Training in the following areas:

  • SQL Server
  • Business Intelligence
  • Infrastructure


LusiTechs’ consultancy services are the best way to get experienced consultants dedicated to your projects, without the need to hire permanent staff for your team. A team of certified consultants with experience in large international projects will make the difference for your project.


Investing in appropriate maintenance for your database and infrastructure states is as important as the implementation of a new project.
Find out the 24/7 maintenance and monitoring solutions that LusiTech has to offer.


Keeping your team on top of the most recent technologies can be expensive, and not always means better results for your business.
The training sessions provided by LusiTech are designed specifically for your business, to give the best value for your investment.

Don't just take our word. Here are some Clients we work with:

Our Partners


We’re partnered with Data Relish, a UK based company with 20 years of experience and a proven track record of architecting solutions in areas such as:

– Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence.
– Microsoft Business Intelligence, for example, SQL, Analysis Services.
– Data Visualisation with Tableau and Power BI.
– Data Strategy to empower your organization.

Data Relish helps to support your existing team by training and mentoring them to become proficient in data science, AI, or Business Intelligence. For executives, Data Relish can support the organization through the changes involved in deriving business value from data.
Check out their LinkedIn site here, or their website for more details.

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